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Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Care Maintenance & Services

In order to keep your landscape beautiful you must maintain it routinely. Noland’s Landscaping is committed to Customer Service, and as a family owned and run business for over 40 years, we understand the importance of managing a budget while getting the most value and enjoyment out of a beautiful landscape. At Noland’s we pride ourselves in our work knowing our customers enjoy long lasting landscape environments.

Our crew is courteous, professional, and thorough when it comes to cutting, feeding, and maintaining your yard. We also have landscaping offers for complete lawn care services to help you have the best looking house on the block.

Scheduled Maintenance Service Includes:


  • Turf areas and planting beds policed for debris prior to each mowing.
  • After mowing the clippings mulched and recycled into lawn.
  • Any clippings which do not dissipate into lawn will be dispersed or raked up.
  • We then will blow clippings off drives, walks and decks.
  • Turf grown near buildings, posts, and fences trimmed after each mowing.
  • If rain persists we may be forced to cut grass while it is wet.


  • 1st Application: Spring fertilize with crabgrass preventative in April
  • 2nd Application: Liquid weed spray in May
  • 3rd Application: Mid Season slow release fertilizer in July
  • 4th Application: (optional) Second weed spray in September
  • 5th Application: Fall fertilizer with potash in October


  • Sidewalks power edged once per month to maintain neat appearance.


  • Planting beds and tree rings spade edged to maintain a grass, mulch or soil line.
  • Cultivation of soil will take place and mulch will be turned over at this time.


  • Includes removal of leaves, paper and debris from lawn areas and planting beds.
  • Matted grass and curb line are raked to remove thatch and gravel from snow plowing.
  • This service is typically performed in March or April


  • Removal of leaves from lawn and planting beds.
  • Perennials are cut back.
  • This service performed in November on a bi-weekly schedule


  • Small trees, shrubs, and evergreens pruned after growing period and debris hauled away.
  • Flowering shrubs pruned after bloomed and losing flowers.


  • Hardwood mulch can be applied to beds to replenish existing mulch. (This keeps weeds down and helps protect plants through the summer heat). We have many varieties and colors to choose from.


  • Helps prevent compacted soil, thatch, and helps nutrients get to the root structure.